Vote4Pope is a participatory art performance project intended to draw attention to the unequal status of women in the Catholic Church. It is a traveling trunk show of Papal regalia and props. The public are invited to dress up as Pope and pose in a papal like gilded throne. Participants will don their favorite Papal outfit from a display of clothing comprising an array of Pope’s cassocks, stockings, female shoes, hats and stoles in Papal colors, white and red. The attire will be laid out, retail style, according to varying sizes, just as they are for a newly elected Pope in the Room of Tears at the Vatican.  Participants can then pose as Pope and have their photograph uploaded to social media sites and a dedicated this website Vote-4-Pope.com. Anyone can participate in #Vote4Pope – it is an equal opportunity event. The conceptual basis of the project is to use portraiture as a tool for self-visualization and social activism in a fun and lighthearted fashion.

#Vote4Pope is a project created by Jackie Hoysted.

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